FunPack- A Windows 8 App to have fun with...

FunPack- A Windows 8 App to have fun with...

"FunPack", as its name indicating the app just wanted you to "Play and Explore" in your cool device..
This app provides some interesting fun activities in your handy windows device.Before you start FunPack, you please ensure that you have someone with you to share with and laugh.
It will become more friendly once you accessing the fun pack app,there is no need for any network connections and GPS. It wont eat up your battery.
Completely free of cost. Go Green app. Isn't it.. :)
It will be much fun to find out someone's confidence level using the tricky thumb scanning algorithm.On the dashboard you can see there is a menu list, which are ready to start your fun with different features like Dr.Love to identify the partner strength and ideal couple arre also added into this app.

Features included with this pack is so funny  to deal with . IQ Reader, Confidence indicator  and Dr.Love are packed with this.

Don't miss it.


Muhammad Shareef

Metro Apps Solutions