About Us

MetroApp solution is a company managed by group of young and talented software engineers.

We are friends with a common dream. We think and work together passionately to make this dream into reality. By the way, forgot to say that we are young, talented, innovative and handsome too.

We are passionate about creating ultimate user friendy apps for windows phone and windows 8. We already have 10+ apps published in ms marketplace and still more to come.

Our published apps are extremely useful and appreciated by the users.(mention our most downloaded app).

Our armory is equipped with the latest tools and technologies, and we always ensure that they are the best and the newest. So, we never have to struggle with new tools and technologies while trying to find a solution to your problems. instead, we pick the right solution out of many possible options.

Our R&D team has an interesting string of initiatives at any point in time. For instance,one of our ongoing initiative is to combine the power of HTML 5, javascript, mobile technologies and Windows 8.

         Quick Learning capability,highly adaptability and strong team work will lead us to cross the sky.

         We are young, hale and hearty but not photogenic.

         We want to stay passionate about creating business value.We harness the power of mobile, web, social media and analytics.


In summary, we are relentlessly focused around building software which encourages our customers to talk good about us. And it will not come easy.But we know for sure good does go around.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to knowing how we can serve your upcoming business needs.

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Our users

Just bring an idea, made the idea in to reality.


Muhammad Shareef

Metro Apps Solutions