Welcome to Metro Apps

"Metro Apps Pool" is formed by group of Microsoft's technology fans who has developed and published some good WP7 and W8 apps in the windows market place. Quick Learning capability,high adaptability made our dream in the form of  "Metro Apps Pool ".

We hope the team work will lead us to cross the sky.

What is our dream? (Our Vision)

To become an admired organization by helping the world to be a better place.

How we are doing it? (Our Mission)

(by) Bringing a passion for excellence, leveraging our technology expertise, inspiring people to do the extraordinary, bring innovation to create value, and thereby creating simple, intuitive, and easy to use software.

What do you value most? (Our Values)

  • Humanity We embrace human nature in everything we do.
  • Transparency We clearly say what we are going to do, and equally clearly do what we say we would.
  • Honesty We always tell the truth.
  • Creativity We bring creativity and innovation to our work in many forms as we can.
  • Excellence We take pride in the quality of our organization and our work, and we are constantly and relentlessly striving to improve it.

What do you like to say about quality? (Our Quality Policy)

To provide defect free software products while conforming to user  requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness through reviews and maintenance.


Visitor's notice

Your cool windows device will be much better if you have cool apps around. Just share your idea and we will transform it as a App.

Lets Think.Build. & Share.....


Muhammad Shareef

Metro Apps Solutions



15/10/2012 13:03

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today. Now Everyone can see the updates of the current technology and other app released by checking the sites

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