Travel Mate - A must use windows 8 app for everyone on the go

Travel Mate - A must use windows 8 app  for everyone on the go

"Travel Mate " an windows 8 app  for everyone on the go (in your pocket, briefcase ... wherever you want). In this cloud technology generation, people are moving all around world with/without intention and there each step creates an concurrent chance for confusion. So we should be alert with our every step. It will be good to have an app that behaves as your personal assistant. Here my app (Travel Mate) that takes role of your best friend in your favorite Ultra-book/W8 Device, all you need is an internet connection.

You will not get lost in huge city or large crowd, because the app will tether itself to your needs and also make sure you have fun while you're out and about. The app utilizes GPS(If there is no GPS feature, user location will be captured using IP for desktop devices) and and also makes use of device sensors to help you.

Nowadays our partners may not fully understand our needs and moods. But this app will be your best partner. By making use of GPS, it will direct you to attractive places (lakes, cafes, pubs, hotels, transport, tour, rent-a-car, etc.) with features like: routes, weather, footprint etc. It will even alert you to take your rain coat by using the advanced weather forecast. It is a simple but great helper for our busy lives.

 "Live life king seize" with TravelMate App.


Muhammad Shareef

Metro Apps Solutions